Choosing the Right Machine For Your Business

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Electric Pallet Jack

There are many different types of pallet jacks, but they all perform the same basic task: lifting loads and moving them around. These simple yet sturdy machines are essential in warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

If you need a jack capable of handling large stacks of pallets, an electric model is likely the best choice for your operation. They have a stronger design to make them easier to use and offer a variety of benefits over manual models.

Safety: You should never push a Electric Pallet Jack beyond its maximum capacity, as it could damage the equipment or the products it is transporting. You also need to make sure your personnel are properly trained and following safe practices.

Time Management: Electric jacks can move loads faster than manual models, saving your crew and company time and money in the long run. However, they can be more expensive to purchase than manual models, so you should carefully evaluate your needs before making a purchase.

Rider Pallet Jack: These jacks are similar to the electric version, but they allow the operator to stand on an integrated platform rather than walk. This makes them more suitable for longer runs and frequent movement of loads.

electric pallet jack

Walkie Pallet Truck

If your warehouse or manufacturing facility needs to move loads over short and medium distances, the Walkie Pallet Truck may be your best choice. It's highly maneuverable in tight spaces, has a long run time, low investment cost and operates without tugging or pulling, which cuts down on operator fatigue and workers' comp claims.

One of the most popular size pallets is the 48x40, so all but one of the walkie pallet trucks on this list are made for these sizes. Narrow pallets are also becoming more popular, especially for going through narrower doors in retail environments.

Some of these walkie pallet trucks even have a built-in digital scale with a readout screen mounted close to the user, which could be handy in construction or shipping applications. Another benefit is that these trucks are narrow enough to be used in stores with minimal staff who need everything done right away, so they're often a great option for those facilities.

This walkie pallet truck has a very solid hydraulic system, which makes it easy to lift and move heavy loads of 5500 pounds effortlessly. It's made of high-tensile steel and features a weld-less integrated pump, so it's resistant to leaks.

This electric pallet truck offers a few extra safety features, including an electric horn and emergency power disconnect. It also has an anti-roll back system and a box rail fork construction. It's the perfect solution for any distribution or warehouse operation.

walkie pallet truck

Pallet stacker

Pallet stacker is a tool that helps to make lifting and transporting goods more efficient and safe. This can be a valuable force multiplier for your business, driving efficiencies throughout your supply chain and making a real difference to your bottom line.

Choosing the right Pallet Stacker for your business can be an intricate process, so it’s important to have a clear understanding of your requirements before you start shopping. You’ll want to find a model that is capable of loading and unloading loads in the most efficient manner possible while remaining OSHA compliant.

Cost-effective: Sitting at the halfway point between a flat jack and a larger forklift, pallet stackers are one of the most cost-effective warehouse items. They are inexpensive to add to your transportation network and can help drive efficiencies throughout your entire supply chain.

Easy to use: Designed to be simple to operate, pallet stackers require minimal training. Unlike larger mechanical items, which can take specialist skills to use, stacker operators can be trained in a single session by other employees or by an in-house team.

Future-proof: Stackers are nimble by design, so they can be retained if your company pivots or deals with a variety of different products. This means that an investment in a pallet stacker can be very future-proof, providing long-term benefits for years to come.

pallet stacker

pallet jack

electric pallet jack

walkie pallet truck

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