Types of Ramps:Dock/Yard/Container Ramp

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If you want to access your dock from a boat, you can purchase a dock ramp. A Dock Ramp is a safety device that enables a boater to cross a dock safely without having to worry about their safety. Unlike the gangway, however, a ramp is stationary, which makes it susceptible to flooding in some conditions. It is also prone to becoming submerged during extreme weather. Moreover, a dock ramp is not as easy to install as a gangway, so you need to be very careful when selecting it.

There are a few different types of dock ramps on the market. Aluminum dock ramps are made of lightweight aluminum alloy and are available in either three or four-foot widths. Aluminum dock ramps are not intended for use with fork trucks, but they are suitable for handling larger and heavier cargo. Other features of a dock ramp include locking legs, smooth surface, and anti-theft chain.

Aluminum dock ramps are an excellent option for dock-to-shore transition. These ramps are made of durable aluminum and are perfect for locations where water levels fluctuate minimally. They can be used with a variety of premium decking options. Its low-profile design allows it to blend seamlessly with the dock. In addition, these ramps don't require a hydraulic pump to function.

A Yard Ramp is an essential tool for bringing equipment to the warehouse. Yard ramps are designed to fit through loading dock doors and can help make the process of bringing in new equipment faster and easier. Yard ramps come with optional features, including a stabilizer jack, which can be useful for securing trailers without a tractor. Other features include pneumatic wheel attachments, ramp clamps, and tow bars.

Steel yard ramps are durable and available in a variety of weight capacities. They have a 22,000 lb. weight capacity and measure 37" L x 81-1/2" W. These ramps come with a diamond plated strip in the center, which is a safety feature that prevents debris from accumulating on the ramp and potentially causing an injury. The steel ramp also has a dual-action hydraulic pump. All it takes is a push of a lever to raise the front part of the ramp, and the release valve closes to safely lower the ramp.


There are many benefits to buying a yard ramp. They are easy to assemble and move to the desired location, and they feature hydraulic pumping capabilities that allow you to adjust the height and angle to accommodate your freight. Yard ramps have 18-inch solid rubber tires and open-serrated steel grating that prevents build-up and provides traction for forklifts. You can choose a yard ramp that best fits your needs and budget.

A Container Ramp can be an essential piece of equipment if you use forklifts to load and unload containers. Its smooth transition from ground level to the bed of a shipping container allows for ease of use and safety for employees and goods alike. These ramps usually come with a safe working load of 8000kg. Here are some of the features that you should look for in a container ramp:

When choosing a ramp, consider the height of the container. The ground to floor height for most shipping containers is about six to eight inches. You can choose a ramp with the proper height by determining the width and design of your container. Many have built-in handles to make transport and installation easy. Some ramps feature a vertical stop to prevent slipping during use. While all ramps have the same basic functionality, there are a few important details to consider.

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