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Pallet trucks, also known as transporter, are mainly divided into

Manual Carrier: high lift scissors carrier, electronic scale carrier, manual pallet carrier, etc

pallet truckpallet truck

Semi electric pallet ttruck: semi electric truck, semi electric pallet truck, etc

All electric pallet truck: all electric truck, all electric pallet truck, electric pallet truck, etc

Explosion proof manual hydraulic carrier: explosion-proof ground cow, explosion-proof pallet carrier

electric pallet truckselectric pallet trucks

Both the manual pallet car and the electric pallet car are used for the transportation of the plane point-to-point transportation station. The small and flexible size makes the manual pallet truck suitable for almost any occasion. However, due to manual operation, it is difficult to handle heavy objects of about 2 tons, so it is usually used for short-distance and frequent operations of about 15 meters, especially in the loading and unloading area. In all links of logistics in the future, the manual pallet car will also play a connecting role between various transportation links. A manual pallet car will be equipped on each truck or truck, which will make the loading and unloading operations faster and more convenient, and will not be limited by the site. 

pallet hand truck

When the plane handling distance is about 30 meters, the Electric Pallet Truck is undoubtedly the best choice. The driving speed is controlled by the stepless speed change switch on the handle, which follows the speed of the operator's walking speed, reducing personnel fatigue and ensuring the safety of operation. If the distance of the main handling route is more than 30 meters to about 70 meters, an electric pallet car with folding pedals can be used. The driver can stand and drive, and the maximum speed can be increased by nearly 60%.

electric pallet truck

Further detailed differentiation: simple pallet truck, fast lifting pallet truck, Manual/Hand pallet truck, heavy-duty pallet truck, economical manual pallet truck, galvanized pallet truck, ultra-low-level pallet truck, stainless steel pallet truck, belt weigher pallet truck, paper drum pallet truck, mountain pallet truck, lifting pallet truck, etc

hand pallet truck

Pallet Truck

Hand Pallet Truck

hand pallet trucks

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