Niu Li participated in the 16th Iran Tehran International Industry Exhibition 2016

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Exhibition Name: the 16th Iran Tehran International Industry Exhibition 2016
Exhibition time: October 5, 2016 - October 8, 2016
Venue: Tehran International Convention and Exhibition Center, Iran
Organizer: Iran Idro exhibition company

Exhibition introduction
Iran Tehran International Industry Exhibition (TIIE) has been held since 2000. It is held once a year. It is a famous international trade exhibition to be held by the Iranian government for many years. It is divided into professional exhibitions with industry characteristics, and is hosted by Iran International Exhibition Company under the Ministry of Commerce of Iran. It has formed a large scale. International exhibitors come from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and other countries. The exhibition scale is large, there are many exhibitors, a wide range of exhibits and strong market demand. The exhibition area is 43500 square meters. A total of 738 companies participated in the exhibition. Six countries participated in the exhibition in the name of countries. 24 countries participated in the exhibition in the name of agents. The visitors were mainly Iranian businessmen, as well as businessmen from the Middle East and West Asia.

Market introduction
Iran is rich in oil and gas resources and has a complete range of industries, but its domestic industrial level is not high, and most mechanical equipment and parts depend on imports. Due to the high cost performance of industrial equipment produced by niuli machinery, it is sought after by Iranian enterprises. Our company entered the Iranian market in 2006. After 10 years of development, we have covered a full range of warehousing and handling equipment from the beginning of the truck to niuli. Our company participated in this exhibition together with local dealers in Iran, and participated in the exhibition with curved arm elevator, self-propelled high-altitude operation platform, diesel forklift, electric counterweight forklift, special-shaped forklift, shelf, electric sweeper, etc. Through this exhibition, the popularity of niuli brand has been further promoted, and the Iranian market has been further expanded.


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